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Programa Interunidades de Pós-Graduação

Welcome to the Graduate Program in Integrated Environmental Analysis!

The Graduate Program in Integrated Environmental Analysis (PPG-AAI) is jointly coordinated out of two campuses in the state of São Paulo, one in Diadema (the Institute of Environmental, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences) and one in the Baixada Santista (the Institute of the Sea). It aims to bring together faculty and students from different areas of knowledge, demonstrating interdisciplinarity and an understanding of the complexity involved in environmental questions. Thus, the PPG-AAI contributes to the advancement of interdisciplinary knowledge about the environment, nationwide and internationally, with academic production at the highest level, to provide responses to the challenges posed by the environmental crisis.

The area of concentration of “Integrated Environmental Analysis” seeks, through interdisciplinary approaches, to evaluate, diagnose, monitor, control, and remedy the synergic, additive, and cumulative effects of the environmental impacts of the overall operational and/or planned natural and/or anthropogenic processes, within the context of drainage basins. This area of concentration has been developed based on lines of research in “Environmental Assessment, Prognosis and Diagnosis,” “Environmental Monitoring,” and “Environmental Control and Remediation".


Contact us

Graduate Program Office

São Nicolau, 210 - 5º Andar

Diadema - SP - 09913-030

Phone: +55 11 4044-0500 (Ext. 3511)

E-mail: [email protected]

E-mail (coordinator): [email protected]

Diadema Campus

São Nicolau, 210 

Diadema/SP -  09913-030 

rua são nicolau 210, diadema

Baixada Santista Campus

Av. Saldanha da Gama, 89 - Ponta da Praia Santos/SP - 11030-400  

Av. Saldanha da Gama, 89, santos, brasil

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